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Our credentialed and experienced professionals are available to our clients for on-site training!  All courses can be tailored for client's time and delivery needs.  

  • SMS Introduction

    • This course is designed as an introduction to SMS (What, Why and How).  It is comprehensive, and covers each SMS component as it relates to our client’s unique operation.  It ensures that each team member fully understands his/her role within the safety program, and gives them specific “how to” experience.    Audience:  Everyone

  • SMS Recurrent

    • SMS Recurrent includes a review of SMS principals, explores industry updates, and shares best SMS practices.  It is designed specifically for individual clients, and incorporates trends from their data captured in the Baldwin system.  Audience: Everyone

  • Safety Officer Trainin​g

    • A 1 1/2 day CAM certified course for commercial and non-commercial organizations (flight, ground, etc.)​

  • How to Improve Your Safety Culture

    • This course helps organizations identify strategies for getting their existing safety culture from where it is today to where they want it to be.  Baldwin’s Safety Culture Model and Assessment tools help to lay the ground work for the process.  Audience: Leadership, Management, Safety Manager

  • Just Culture- Not As Simple As It Seems

    • This course delves into the three behaviors associated with Just Culture--human error; at risk behavior; and reckless behavior.  It explores how we humans think about risk and the appropriate why to manage these behaviors in the workplace.   Audience: Leadership, Management, Safety Manager

  • SMS – From the Top Down  (NBAA PDP)

    • This course will acquaint participants with the principles of SMS, and help them to transform their current safety program into a fully functioning, living, breathing SMS.    This course is designed from a leadership perspective, and will be of interest to management, flight and  maintenance personnel, and safety officers who wish to develop a formal SMS. 

  • How to Conduct Internal Audits

    • This course provides an overview of the Internal Evaluation Program (What, Why & How).  It provides strategies for oversite of the program, training auditors, and managing audit findings.   Audience: Management, Safety Manager

  • ERP Table Top Exercise and more

    • A table top exercise of your Emergency Response Plan is the first step in putting your ERP to practical use. It involves applying your ERP to a hypothetical accident scenario, allowing breaks for consideration and discussion of important points or questions of how to proceed under challenging conditions. Participants:  All who might be involved in an actual emergency response, including company managers outside flight operations. We also offer a complete ERP exercise program through BaldwinSOS.

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